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Welcome to the new Wind Power Blog!!.

Wind Power has created this web-log, or blog, to better communicate with the Windsurfing & Kiting communities. The blog offers a sophisticated publishing system that allows quick and easy posting of articles and content as web pages. It has a built in search engine (at left). Visitors can leave comments or questions on posts. It is a greay way to leave your thoughts, ask a question or even provide an answer to another comment. So get involved and we care what you have to say! Enjoy our newest posts below.

We are also working on a new version of the Wind Power web site. The blog and web site co-exist and a link is provided between them. The web site will provide information on Lessons, Equipment, Rentals, O’pen Bic and other info regarding Wind Power Windsufring & Kiting Center. The blog will mainly provide news, annouments and related articles.

5 comments to Welcome to Wind Power Blog

  • Stella Blue

    Nice Blog Kevin! Look forward to reading your posts.

  • Kevin Gratton

    Thanks for the compliment! This new to me so be patient as I learn the program and process. I’m hoping to better serve my customers and keep things interesting for them.

  • Vince & Annete

    Aloha & Hafa Adai from the Mariana’s Islands surfer!

  • Kevin Gratton

    Hi Vince & Annete,

    I hope your trip home was fun but uneventful. You did awesome in with the beginner lesson sailing upwind and down wind. Graduating from a 4.1 to a 5.1 then to a 6.0 sail on the first day is also almost unheard of. You definetly took advantage of the perfect wind conditions. Hope to see both of you this weekend at the Wind Power Champs

  • I am so glad to have had the lessons. You pointed out many aspects to make windsurfing fun, like ‘how not to fall into the water.’ …I met a couple of windsurfers that day and one of the surfers commented that it took him 2 weeks to do what I did that day. He said he should have taken lessons from you!! Mahalo, Vince & Annette

    PS: Annette is looking forward to taking lessons from you.

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