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Learn to Kitesurf in the Winter at Wind Power

Do you want to learn to Kitesurf?

If you are interested in learning kitesurfing (aka ‘kiting’) and want to take a lesson at Wind Power, the best time is during the Winter season. There are so many advanatges learning on frozen Lake Winnebago, but most of all, you will learn to control & safely fly a kite before you add swimming and a water take-off to the process. Please see the Wind Power Kitesurfing winter lesson information at our Lesson page.

5 comments to Learn to Kitesurf in the Winter at Wind Power

  • Brin

    Surfing moves and tricks.
    One of the best examples of this is surfing, which requires participants to battle against nature’s waves as well as their own body, with great scope for stunts and the way they do.
    What is the best tricks for me?
    Brin @ windsurfingtricks.com

  • Geno

    wow, looks (frost-bite) cold in these pictures as well as an awesome place to learn and enjoy snow kiting!!!

  • Kevin Gratton

    Hey Geno,

    Don’t I recognize you in a few pictures? Whatup? Thanks for the comment. Going out in a few minutes to the Wayside with the FunBoyz. Come and join us. 57 degrees 18 – 30 mph.

  • Paulino

    Purchased a 14.5 Cab kite, live on Nagawicka in Delafield and I am looking to start in the sport this winter. I have been snowboarding/skiing for 25 years. I am looking for someone to go over basic safety rules and operations so I do not kill myself with the kite dragging me to who knows where or against who knows what.

  • Kevin Gratton

    Hi Paulino,
    Well you have committed to the sport, excellent. Now we just have to get you riding. As soon as the ice is thick enough we can do a lesson and get you riding. There are a few more items I would recommend if you don’t already have them. A harness (we have them in stock, so you could pick one out the day of the lesson), Helmet, knee and elbow pads. I take it you have skiis or a snowboard. We will be sending out a flyer in early December so if you could send me your address and phone I can add you to our data base.
    Thanks for your comment in our Blog, looking forward to kiting with you!

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