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Winter Sailing with Wind Power on Winterboard & Freeskate

The 2010/11 Winter Sailing Season started Dec 5 – 7 for Team Wind Power. Ed Schneider, Bruce Jondle and myself sailed off Wendt’s Supper Club located on the west side of Winnebago, half way between Oshkosh and Fond du Lac.  As you can see in the video the ice was black and smooooth.  3″ of awesome ice.  Monday Ed and I returned to get more of it.  Tuesday I sailed the Winterboard in front of the shop.  The ice there was rough for a freeskate but oka for the Winterboard.

Checkout the video below for sampling of the action we enjoyed.
(note: there are 2 videos that play sequentially)

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Freeskate and Winterboard on Lake Winnebago - See more images in the photo gallery

The following Saturday Matt Schmitz, Jeff Ross, Don Altmeyer and Steve Shapson kited at Wendt’s in 50/50 ice/snow conditions.  Ed Schneider and myself tried the Freeskates and Winterboards.  The ensuing Blizzard conditions, quickly drove us to Wendt’s friendly and finely stocked bar.  Sunday we had the first Blizzard of the season, which blew all the snow off the lake.  The 40 to 50 mph winds opened the north end of Lake Winnebago.  After the Blizzard and few very cold days we have crystally ice/snow on most of the lake but the North end has glassy ice where it opened Sunday.  There is a tentative DN Iceboat regatta to be held on the north end near Neenah Sat and Sun Dec. 18 & 19.  Team Wind Power plans to be there to sail the freeskates and Winterboards and enjoy the Regatta action.

Wind Power just found some brand new Winterboards which are really hard to find.  Don’t wait get your winter ride today!  There are also Freeskates available.  See online store for more information.

We currently have 10 -12 ” of ice in front of the shop. Contact Wind Power to get the latest ice conditions and where we are sailing or kiting. Kevin’s cell 920-251-1002.

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