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Wind Power & ‘Back in Action Rehab’ Windsurf Clinic and Picnic

Background Info:Kevin Gratton, owner & lead instructor of Wind Power Windsurfing & Kiting Center, had shoulder replacement (right) in December of 2009.  For years Kevin had shoulder problems that kept him off the water and with significant physical limitation and pain.  After the surgery, during Kevin’s therapy he teamed up with the ‘Back in Action Rehabilitation Center’.  Kevin is back on the water and windsurfing again.  Kevin had offered the ‘back-in-action’ team to a one day Windsurf Clinic and it was help on Sunday September 12, 2010 at Roosevelt County Park in Fond du Lac (across from Wind Power).  Following is a summary of the clinic/picnic and back-in-action comments. You can find more info and a link to ‘Back in Action Rehab’ below.

Those of you who missed the Windsurfing Picnic, you should put it on the top of their to-do list for next year.  It was such a success we are going to do it again.  Windsurfing, Sailing and Fun on the Beach: Back-in-Action by Popular Demand!

Back-in Action therapist John, Jennifer, Erik, Mike and assistant therapist Lynn along with Hailey (John’s daughter and Lexis, Mike’s girl friend) spent the afternoon learning how to enjoy the water and wind with a surfboard and sail.  Kevin Gratton, a past and future product of Back-in-Action’s therapy, put on an afternoon of fun for those who helped him so graciously return to Windsurfing after his shoulder replacement.  Kevin was so happy with the his many hours spent at Back-in Action doing therapy he felt it was the least he could do to introduce the sport of Windsurfing to everyone at Back-in Action.

Kevin is looking forward to the second annual Wind Power/Back-in–Action Watersports picnic this coming spring.  Kevin feels confident some of this years participants can help me teach the ones that were not fortunate to make it this year.  He also thinks they can probably incorporate some of the techniques they learned into their everyday therapy, LOL

Everyone had a great time with many laughs.  The water was refreshing with the 80 degree temps.  Images of the event can be seen in the windsurf gallery or click the image below.

2010 Wind Power & 'Back in Action' Clinic/Picnic

We don’t have pictures of Mike because he is a diehard Packer fan.  Hailey gets the award for the most effort, she was always going somewhere, she sailed till she was exhausted. John went out the farthest, Jennifer stayed warm in her wetsuit.  She didn’t really need it as she was never in the water.  Lynn was playing Helga and getting in everyone’s way.  Erik did well with his red-eye handicap.  A few dips in the lake help clear the cobwebs.

After sailing the group enjoyed brats and hot dogs from John’s grill, and a few well deserved beverages.

Kevin had a great time and is looking forward to next year’s party as well as more time doing Therapy with the great gang at Back-in-Action. Next year Kevin plans to include Kids Sailing and Stand Up paddling…

Comments from the ‘Back-in-Action’ Clinic/Picnic participants

“Awesome Stuff!!   Lot’s of Fun….”    John
“Keep up the good  work…You do a great job at instructing, very comfortable and supportive. ”    Jennifer
“I had a blast, getting to see John in a bathing suit was added bonus…
….See ya next year”

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