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Welcome to the Wind Power Windsurfing & Kiting Center Gallery. The Gallery has many features. Below is a list of the major features along with some tips to help you utilize the system.


  • Images are organized into categories.
    We created 6 major categories: Windsurf, Kitesurf, Open Bic, Stand up paddle, Misc, & Upload. Within each category, images are grouped into sub-categories by Event or Topic.
  • The Gallery has many views.
    Obviously, you can view by category and sub-category. You can also view the most popular images (images with the most views), the highest rated images, recent and random images. You can also view any recently added Categories. There are also some interesting calendar views provided on sidebar menu and toolbar menu
  • You can rate images (0 thru 5 stars).
    Go ahead and rate the best and the worst.
  • You can leave comments / feedback on an image.
    You must be registered to leave a comment and all comments are subject to validation.
  • Searching is robust and a quick search box is provided and an advanced search is also available.
  • You can search the tag cloud.
    The tag cloud is a visual display of 'keywords' that have been associated (tagged) to the images. Tags are popular with blogs and concept is the same. Tags are meant to associate similar items within and across categories
  • The Upload category is where you can upload your images and share with the Wind Power community.
    You need to register for an account and all images will be validated for suitable content before posting. Please allow 24-48 hrs for upload approval.
  • Download an image.From the single image View, you can download a copy of the image. Click the disc icon in the toolbar and save a copy locally. So if you found a picutre of yourself or one you really like, download a copy. This download is provided for personal use only and is watermarked with Wind Power logo. Please contact Wind Power if you wish to use content beyond personal use.
  • HD (high-definition) Images.
    The Gallery provides HD images (1920 x 1080 pixels) for the images in the gallery. You can view this HD image by clicking the image itself in the single image View.
  • Slideshow viewer.
    The Gallery provides a Slideshow view that can be started from the thumbnail or single image views. The Slideshow viewer has standards controls.
  • RSS news feed subscriptions.
    The Gallery provides a RSS news feed for image and image / comments.
  • Breadcrumb navigation.
    The Gallery provides a breadcrumb trail as you navigate into galleries. It is shown directly below the main site navigation bar and displays 'HOME' link from the top level gallery. The breadcrumb will expand as you navigate into galleries and provides links to step back a level.
  • The Misc major category is where Wind Power can put miscellaneous images not related to the 4 specific sports categories.


  • Tooltips
    Hover your mouse pointer over an item and a custom tooltip will explain it's action when clicked. Use this method to explore options available.
  • Arrow Keys
    You can use the Right & Left Arrow Keys to rewind or advance when in single image View or Slideshow view. A great tip, much easier than clicking mouse each time
  • Breadcrumb
    Use the breadcrumb to move back up a level (category) or return Home quickly (to Gallery home).

We hope you enjoy the Gallery! If you have any comments or experience problems with the Gallery, please contact us. Thanks for visiting.

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