• 2010 Championships

    82 images

    The 25th annual Wind Power Championships regatta was held on Sept. 25-26, 2010. Windy conditions with 54 racers.

    See the 2010 Championships race summary.

    Wind Power would like to thank Marguerite Wing for her dedication taking these awesome pictures.

  • 2010 Super Crossing

    37 images

    The 2010 Winnebago Super Crossing was very windy with west winds gusting 40+ mph.

    See the Super Crossing event summary.

    Wind Power would like to thank Marguerite Wing for her dedication taking these awesome pictures.

  • 2010 Back in Action Clinic

    8 images

    Back-in-Action, Kevin’s physical therapy Team had their 1st annual Windsurfing outing. It was their first time Windsurfing, but not the last. Everyone had a blast!

    See the Blog article.

  • 2010 Canada Championships

    40 images

    Brad Woodworth hosted the Canadian Masters Championship in Dryden Ontario. It was also the 1st Can-Am Challenge, which the USA Team won!

    See the Official Press Release.

  • 2010 Summer Action

    40 images

    Pictures from Wind Power Windsurfing Academy. 2010 was a record year for Windsurfing lessons! The kids classes were very popular, look for them to continue this winter.

    See the Lessons page. Also, see the Winter sailing articles.

  • 2010 Walleye Wagatta

    58 images

    Arden Anderson hosted the Walleye Wagatta. This year we were honored to have Phil Sage (MoWind President) and Ted Schweitzer (son of the co inventor of windsurfing) to attend with his sister Tara.

    See the blog article.

This category is for Wind Power windsurf images from regattas, clinics, lessons, etc.

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