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Wind Power offers instruction for ALL levels of sailors. From proper rigging and equipment selection to tacking and full-planning jibes, we will teach you what you want to learn. For years Kevin has been teaching on Wednesday and Thursday nights in Fond du Lac. Kevin began teaching in the spring of 1983 after he completed the B.I.G. Instructor Training. He is also a certified Mistral Instructor since 1985 and an Instructor Trainer since 1986. Kevin enjoys passing on his vast knowledge and love of the sport of Windsurfing, doing it with patience, fun and understanding.

Kevin was fortunate to start racing in 1983, which led to him competing in at least six world championships and many national championships. Through the many regattas he has participated in over the years he has stayed up-to-date with the latest techniques. He has taken many clinics as well as trained with the US Olympic Team and he brings that knowledge back to Wind Power Academy to pass on to his students.

Kevin offers one-on-one and small group lessons, whichever you prefer. He also uses a camcorder to capture your sailing. This way you can watch yourself and others sail to see exactly what you are doing right and wrong. This is a proven technique; ask anyone who has been to Kevin’s clinics. They are also fun to watch.

Kitesurfing appeared in the late 90’s and Kevin started dabbling in it then. Over the years he has kited in the Gorge, Texas, Hatteras, Florida, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and in many locations in Wisconsin. He was not comfortable teaching kiting (because of all the accidents and close calls) until 2006 when Naish came out with the bridled SLE kites. These kites as well as other brands have significantly more depower which made them safer and easier to ride. He started teaching kiting then, preferring to teach in the winter because the learning curve is much shorter and easier. See the Wind Power Blog kitesurf posts.

Kevin was fortunate to take the Fond du Lac Yacht Club Youth Sailing program in his early teens. As a freshman he built an 11ft. sailboat with a mainsail and jib along with his brother under the guidance of his father. He sailed that on Lake Winnebago through his high school years. In 2002 when he retired from John Deere, he volunteered to help teach the free Youth Sailing program where he learned to sail. So he has taught 100’s of kids to sail since then.

In 2008 he was introduced to the Open Bic Youth Sailboat and he was so impressed with the boat that he started selling them. Steve & Sara Eliasen from Oshkosh along with Kevin have been teaching Youth Sailing with the Open Bic all through the Fox Valley and into Door County. They have been establishing a series of Un-Regattas (fun regattas) in those regions. See Wind Power Open Bic Events page.

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