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Sailboat Lessons

lessons open bic sailboat kids

Kevin was fortunate to take the Fond du Lac Yacht Club Youth Sailing program in his early teens. As a freshman he built an 11ft. sailboat with a mainsail and jib along with his brother under the guidance of his father. He sailed that on Lake Winnebago through his high school years. In 2002 when he retired from John Deere, he volunteered to help teach the free Youth Sailing program where he learned to sail. So he has taught 100’s of kids to sail since then.

In 2008 he was introduced to the Open Bic Youth Sailboat and he was so impressed with the boat that he started selling them. Steve & Sara Eliasen from Oshkosh along with Kevin have been teaching Youth Sailing with the Open Bic all through the Fox Valley and into Door County. They have been establishing a series of Un-Regattas (fun regattas) in those regions.

See Wind Power Open Bic Events page & Open Bic Blog posts.

Kids Sailing: with OPEN BIC’s

Wind Power would like to teach your child (and their friends) how to sail. We use the most modern, fun and safe equipment on the market. We will have mini regattas every Sat. & Sun. from noon till 2pm for them to become more comfortable and develop better skills. Join us in taking advantage of the great Fox Valley Resource mother nature gave us, Lake Winnebago!
Ages: 6 &up, weight limit 200 lbs. lessons open bic sailboat kids
Dates: Through Sept. 18th
Time: By Appointment
Cost: $ 45 hour (includes use of Boat)
Group rates available
Prerequisites: Children must be able to swim 20 feet.
What to Bring: Aqua shoes, Towel and warm clothes, Sunscreen, Life jacket
What to Expect: Water Safety, Understanding the Wind, Basic Sailing techniques, tacking, jibing, sailing upwind will be covered.
50% Rental Discount available to Wind Power Windsurfing Academy Students anytime they want to practice or free-sail.

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