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Stand Up Paddle Lessons

lessons stand up paddle lessons stand up paddle lessons stand up paddle lessons stand up paddle lessons stand up paddle

DO you need lessons to Stand-up-Paddle (SUP)? You should be able to paddle around without any lessons. If you feel shaky, kneel down and paddle till you feel more comfortable and daring. There are some techniques which make SUPing more fun and less fatiguing. If you want to learn those techniques, sign-up for a lesson. You don’t have to have a SUP Board to ride, if you have a windsurfing board with a lot of flotation just use that.

You can rent/buy a paddle from Wind Power and off you go. There is a small creek system that flows into Lake Winnebago at the west end of Roosevelt County Park (across from Wind Power) that is very fun to paddle in, plus there is much nature and wild life to see in the marshes. If you want to paddle and surf we would suggest going to Sheboygan and doing it off the nice beaches of Lake Michigan. Waves and surf is where the SUP Board shines above a windsurfing board in performance. Wind Power recommends a board leash and a paddle leash especially if you ride on Lake Michigan in the surf.

SUPing is a great way to improve your balance and strengthen your core.
Wind Power also carries the INDO BOARD so you can practice balance and strengthen your core at home and in the off seasons.

Stand Up Paddle Surf Lessons

Ages: All ages are welcome lessons stand up paddle
Dates: Through Sept. 18th
Time: By Appointment
Cost: $ 30 hour (includes use of a board and paddle)
Group rates available
Prerequisites: Children must be able to swim 20 feet.
What to Bring: Aqua shoes, Towel and warm clothes, Sunscreen, Life jacket

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