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Windsurfing Lessons

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Wind Power offers instruction for ALL levels of sailors. From proper rigging and equipment selection to tacking and full-planning jibes, we will teach you what you want to learn. For years Kevin has been teaching on Wednesday and Thursday nights in Fond du Lac. Kevin began teaching in the spring of 1983 after he completed the B.I.G. Instructor Training. He is also a certified Mistral Instructor since 1985 and an Instructor Trainer since 1986. Kevin enjoys passing on his vast knowledge and love of the sport of Windsurfing, doing it with patience, fun and understanding.

Kevin was fortunate to start racing in 1983, which led to him competing in at least six world championships and many national championships. Through the many regattas he has participated in over the years he has stayed up-to-date with the latest techniques. He has taken many clinics as well as trained with the US Olympic Team and he brings that knowledge back to Wind Power Academy to pass on to his students.

Kevin has teamed up with avid sailor and Wind Power Lead Instructor, Ben Herdrich, and together have develop the best windsurfing school throughout the entire Midwest and Great Lakes Region. Ben will be leading most of the lessons, from beginner to advance, with the guidance from Kevin and his teaching experience.

Beginner Windsurfing Lessons

Wind Power has successfully been teaching beginners since 1983. Kevin began with a trailer that held 10 boards, teaching on lakes and rivers in Dodge and Fond du Lac Counties. Wind Power’s current location is across from Roosevelt County Park on the south east corner of Windy Lake Winnebago.

Wind Power’s Beginner Program has come a long way in the last 25 years. The advent of the shorter, wider Beginner Boards has reduced the lesson time from 8 hours to just 2-3 hours, with more time spent on the water rather than in it. Twenty five years ago it was often that a student spent a half hour falling in before they got their sea legs. This never happens today! Using wider boards and small, easy to handle sails, learning is a fun and drier experience. Learning windsurfing on a friend’s equipment can be a disaster if they have a narrow board and a large sail (anything larger than a 4.5 meter sail). Everyone who has ever tried windsurfing in the past owes it to themselves to try it again. Success is guaranteed!

The first part of the class is spent on land covering safety, understanding the wind, and learning the parts of the board and rig. Next the beginner learns how to handle the sail in the wind, how to carry it and how to maneuver it to get started sailing. After the beginner feels confident and comfortable handling the sail on land they are ready to start sailing on the water. Beginners start sailing in a small area, expanding it as their ability and confidence increases. When they can do the basic tack and jibe, sail out and return to the beach, they have completed the beginner’s course. Now they need to practice so these new skills become an instinctive reaction. As they practice and progress they will be able to sail faster with bigger sails in higher winds. They are now ready for the advanced program. Remember rentals are 50% off for the first month after the beginner class!
Time: By Appointment, After Class 50% off Rentals for a month
Dates: Weekdays & Weekends
lessons beginner windsurf
Cost: Lessons include individual equipment and typically take 2-3 hours. Wind Power has the best integrative equipment on the market.

• $ 60/hr for 1 student
• $ 90/hr for 2 students
• $ 115/hr for 3 students
• $ 135/hr for 4 students

What to Bring: Aqua shoes, a towel and warm clothes, and sunscreen. (Life jacket optional)
Who: With the new wide boards and smaller kids sails, Wind Power can teach kids as young as 5 as well as Senior citizens. All ages can enjoy the great sport of windsurfing at any level.

Kids Windsurfing Lessons

Our emphasis is on fun and learning in a social atmosphere, with safety as a first concern. Windsurfing tricks, races and games will be part of the activities. There will be two classes for each session, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Due to the wind typically being stronger in the afternoon, Ben would rather keep the younger kids in the morning class and the older ones in the afternoon. Parents are welcome to watch or even help out. They will learn also!
Ages: 7 through 18 lessons windsurf kids boys girls clinic
Dates: Session One: June 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18
Session Two: July 25, Aug. 1, 8, 15, 22
Time: Beginners: 10am - Noon
Advanced: 1pm - 3pm
Cost: $ 125 per session + $ 50 for equipment per session. A 50% Rental Discount available to Wind Power Windsurfing Academy Students anytime they want to practice or free-sail.

Children must be able to swim 20 feet.

What to Bring: Aqua shoes, Towel and warm clothes, Sunscreen, Life jacket
What to Expect: Classes are held rain or shine, wind or no wind. Water Safety, Understanding the Wind, Basic Sailing techniques, tacking, jibing, sailing upwind will be covered. On days not favorable to sail, knots, rules of the road, safety and rigging are taught.

Thursday Evening Advanced Windsurfing Program

The Thursday Evening Advanced Windsurfing classes provide sailors the additional techniques and knowledge to grow their skills. The only prerequisite is that one has already completed the beginner course. At the beginning of each class Kevin looks at the wind conditions and weather forecast and the abilities of those in that class and decides what to teach that night. He goes over everyone’s rigging showing everyone the proper tuning before they enter the water. There is class every night rain or shine, wind or no wind. On nights when the wind or weather does not cooperate, theory, safety and equipment differences are discussed. Training videos, as well as past class videos are also reviewed. On no wind evenings Stand Up Paddling will take place for part of the class, to work on one’s balance and core strength. During these classes, Kevin breaks down the steps to perform many sailing maneuvers (tacks, jibes, beach-starts, water-starts, etc.) and teaches each step individually. After each step is practiced and mastered, the steps are combined to yield a successful maneuver. These methods have been very successful in teaching all of his past students to enjoy the great sport of windsurfing more, whether they are just sailing for fun or racing with the MoWind group.

Kevin has also worked with women, guiding them to get comfortable in all aspects of windsurfing. From carrying the board, rigging, sailing at different angles to the wind, using a harness and much more. Kevin is very patient and supportive in making one comfortable in and around the water. The Board is Your Island of Safety is a phrase he uses while he builds your confidence and comfort windsurfing. This is for the woman that is tired of sitting on the beach or staying home while her significant other is sailing. It’s also just a fun night with other women learning to windsurf.
Dates: Every Thur. Night June 14th - September 6th

wednesday night lessons windsurf all levels
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Cost: $ 30 a Night or
$ 120 for package of 5 consecutive Thursday Nights
(For students without equipment, an additional $ 20 per lesson will be charged)
50% Rental Discount available to Wind Power Windsurfing Academy Students for lessons, practice or free-sail!
Afterwards: Watch Class Videos & Socialize

Private Lessons

Wind Power offers private lessons for either Windsurfing or Kitesurfing. Ben will work one on one, teaching levels Novice to Racer. These are preferably 2 - 3 hour lessons, giving the student time to practice the skills learned before returning for more lessons. We teach beach starts, water starts, harnesses, foot straps, planing, tacking, pivot jibes, step jibes, carve jibes, jumping & racing skills.
Time: By Appointment lessons windsurf private novice to racer
Equipment: Equipment is included in a private lesson but it is best to bring your own gear if you have it.
Cost: Windsurfing - $ 60 per hour
Kiting - $ 75 per hour (summer)
Snowkiting - $ 75 per hour (winter)

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