Mistral Fixed Dagger Board Pivot Pin Hard (fin dagger parts)


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Mistral Fixed Dagger Board Pivot Pin Hard

This hard plastic pivot pin is found in Mistral daggerboards from the early 80's to 2010.  It is pressed into the daggerboard.  Wind Power recommends to glue it in the daggerboard, for they can come loose and fall out.

The Dimensions of the pin are:  Length 1.2"  Large diameter (fits in daggerboard) .93"   Small diameter (fits in board cassett) 6.3"

Removal of an old pivot pin can be done by placing a socket with an in-side diameter larger than .93" underneath the daggerboard enclosing the pivot.  Use a hammer and punch to drive the old pivot out.  Be careful not to split the dagerboard by the pivot hole.

Drive the new pivot in using the socket as support for the pivot hole on the underneath of the daggerboard.

Don't forget to use a waterproof glue to hold the pivot pin in place.

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