Carve Clinic 1 (instructional Peter Hart) Videos VHS

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Carve Clinic 1 (instructional Peter Hart)

Peter Hart is Britain s leading windsurfer trainer. He has established the Royal Yachting Association s funboard training program and produced numerous videos on Windsurfing techniques. He also is a commentator for the PWA s competition television program and writes regularly for Britain s leading magazine, Windsurf. Hart runs clinics in various parts of the world including Tarifa in Spain, Antigua, The British Virgin Islands, and Barbados. And he also competes on the British racing circuit and the International Speed circuit. If Britain had a Mr. Windsurfing, Peter Hart would be him. His Masterclass series of videos aims to find a way around learning walls. Carve Clinic 1 The carving jibe is probably one of the most demanding maneuvers in any sport. It demands poise, balance, commitment, agility, reaction, and more. No wonder so many people have problems with it! Peter s video shows you how to overcome the most commonly found faults. By taking you back to basics, and perfecting his own jibe called a flarve, which is a cross between the flare and carve, Hart will transfer all that you ve learned on a longer board into smooth, flowing carves. There s a load of common sense advice on how to get away from that brick wall you re up against. 35 minutes

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