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Wind Power Hiberna Converter Ice Board

The Hiberna Ice Boards are state of the art in terms of iceboarding. They are a very stable platform for easy sailing in moderate winds, but are also capable of complete control at extremely high speeds in high winds.

All of Hiberna's Hi-boards are developed to deliver the same sailing performance as water windsurfing boards.
The same rigs, same techniques, same moves – just on ice, not water. Got a Hi-board, got 4 more months of windsurfing every year!

For more information, check out the Hiberna website:

For videos and pictures of the board in action:


  1. Adjustable suspension give even more versatility. Steering response covers min 8m U-turn in Style position and 22 m U-turn in the Speed position. No tools necessary for adjustment.
  2. Steering response is tunable for each bridge in seconds thus providing optimal board behavior on turns.
  3. Y12 composite bridges feature fine tuning option for perfect track.
  4. Increased clearance with the same deck height provided by reduced suspension dimensions.
  5. Suspension is fully separated from deck with rubber cushions thus reducing vibration and absorbing heats on high speeds.
  6. Deck steering much more responsive, as inclination  is supported with Swedish steel die springs.
  7. Bridges designed to provide sliding surface beneath and minimize frontal resistance to snow on every suspension angle.
  8. Deck outline are same already popular and common Speedster, but all raised surfaces of the deck has anti slip treatment .

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions:   165 x 49 x 18 cm (65 x 19 x 7 in)

Weight:            19 kg (42 lbs)

Clearance:      7 cm

Deck:                fiberglass double sided

Trucks:             automotive ball joint   

Bridges:           steel tube ZN plated

Blades:             Stainless steel

Antislip rubber:  sports floor rubber

Adjustable weight: YES

Steering range: 8 m minumum U-turn

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