Atan Scorpion Open Palm Mittens 3mm Gloves

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Atan Scorpion Open Palm Mittens 3mm

Very comfortable neoprenene gloves.

Designed for any sport where your hand are constantly holding something - perfect for Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, SUP and Kayaking.

They stop your hands getting cold in freezing temperatures whilst avoiding the dreaded forearm cramps that normal gloves give!

Team Wind Power's cold temperature hand protection of choice.  We all know mittens are warmer than gloves by keeping our fingers together.

  • The Open Palm allows a direct grip on the boom avoiding the slipping when material is between boom and hand, which leads to forearm cramps.
  • Another great feature is the ability to very easily take your hand out of the mitten if need while you are riding.
  • Open Palm Mitts are Wind Power's favorite type of cold weather mitts.     
  • Less forearm fatigue because the hand is in direct contact with boom therefore no slippage as material between hand and boom causes.    
  • Very easy to get fingers out to do rigging or other tasks that require your fingers    
  • Yes your hands get wet, but they get wet with any kind of mitt or glove. 
  • The key with mitts are your fingers are together therefore much warmer than gloves.    
  • Smooth skin on the back of the mitts keep you hands warmer in the wind. 
  • Mitts are preformed with a curve to fit boom.    
  • In marginal conditions you can take your hand out while sailing if you don't need the warmth.  Or put your hand back in if needed.
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