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Wind Power Web Site Debuts New Gallery

Wind Power has upgraded the Photo Gallery on the web site. The new Gallery has many features such as ratings, comments, search, upload, download and has full HD images (high-definition 1920x1080px). You can read more about the features at the Gallery Help page. It’s pretty easy to use, but there are some nice tips on the help page. There are a bunch of 2010 events posted and new content will be added as events occur. Wind Power may post events from prior years too. The upload, ratings and comments part of the Gallery are a great place to participate. So, we encourage you to check out the Gallery and get involved.

Check out the New Gallery here!

The site navigation menu can take you to the Gallery top level or using the drop-down menu to a specific area of the Gallery (windsurf, kitesurf, open-bic, & upload). Enjoy it! Your comments / feedback are welcome.

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