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Why would I attend a Regatta or an Event?

I can think of many reasons to attend a Regatta,  a Windsurfing, Kiting, or sailing event.

No.1 It’s a party! A get-together with friends that enjoy the same sports you do. Everyone likes to have others around them to kite, windsurf or sail with when they are enjoying their sport. You have to admit it’s more fun when there are others to watch and hoot, holler and encourage when doing your sport. Most people find the  social aspect of the sport a big part of the sport and a boost to the fun factor. You meet new friends that enjoy the same thrills you do.  At work your fellow workers are probably sick of listening to you babble about how much fun you had in the wind. Why, they hate the wind, for it makes their sports harder or impossible. They don’t understand your psych, nor do they want to. When you get to the beach it’s a whole different story. Everyone wants to hear you story and share theirs.  So go and party with those who enjoy those who enjoy your sport.

No. 2 It’s a great way to learn and improve! For those new to the sport, they can hang with those experienced and learn from them. Most of the those I have meet are more than willing to share and HELP those who are learning. Remember all of us were Beginners at one time and we don’t forget those days. We want to help beginners get through the tough times as fast as possible and enjoy the sport at a higher level.  I have personally watch  and experienced everyone who competes improve a much greater rate than those who fine every excuse to not compete.  How many have said they are not competitive but when you see them on the water they are trying to out do others.  Jumping higher, going faster, or doing harder or more tricks.  Those sailors should be honest to themselves and join the FUN.

No.3 It’s Fun Competition! It’s fun to compare yourself to others.  Getting the jitters on the starting line is exciting.  Where else do you get a rush like that?  It’s great fun to be next to your friends pushing eachother to do your best.  You will find you push yourself harder than when you are alone.  I enjoy cheering others on and hooting it up.  It will promote you to pay more attention to techniques, equipment setup and tuning, tactics and weather.

No.4 Help Promote your great sport! Having a Competition bring a bigger group than normal and showcases our sport. It entices and creates interest in those who watch to join the fun.  How can one not help wanting to participate in a sport where everyone is having so much fun.We all want to share our enjoyment of our great sport and help it grow.  So we have more friends to Party with!

No.5 Don’t be a Party Pooper! If you enjoy Competitions and would like to see more of them as well as see the existing ones grow to higher levels, you must attend.  Not attending an event because of lack of wind is the most common excuse.  Forecast are often wrong, weather always changes.  Wind can come out of no-where.

That mentality is the quickest and sure way to kill a Competition or Event.  Think of the big picture of the makings of an Event.  You must have a race organizer, support personnel and sponsorship of some kind.  A lot of behind the scene work goes on.  Not attending because the forecast does not look good puts all their work in vain.  The sponsors do not see a return for their investment, therefore they pull out.  Soon the event is history.

So remember instead of  contacting your friends and telling them you are not going to make the Event because of  a poor forecast.  Contact all you’re friends and tell them to come and join you at the Party!

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