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Wind Power’s Utah Snow Kite Masters Summary

Sign me up for next Year!  Bob and I had a blast and we are making plans for next years event.

Group photo

We had 3 days of freeriding with the best snowkiters in the US.  I saw gliding for the first time and it is really awesome to watch.  On the way down the mountain the kiter lifts off and then just glides in the air at times reaching heights twice as high as the trees.  The kiter must work his kite properly to maintain the glide or they will drop like a rock.  I only saw a handful of kiters attempting this maneuver.  Bob is fortunately hanging out with the best kiters in his area and he is starting to glide.  Maybe by next year he will be gliding across the road like his friends.

Gliding over the trees

Chasta, the Snowkiter from France, that put Snowkiting on the map was in attendance.  He used his smooth kite skills and understanding of the mountain winds to place 1st in the Snowboard division.  Brad Gordon from Utah won the men’s Ski division.  The Winduro race was a grueling 4 mile course with the first leg upwind, up the lee side of the mountain.  Then a blazing fast reach followed by a downwind, down hill broad reach to the finish.  Bob got 6th in the Ski division, I was happy to just finish the course.

Heather and Brian Shenck from Windzup put on a great event with Ozone as the major sponsor.  The emphasis was on fun and not as much on competition.  The fun vibe was definitely there with a snowkite type of Easter egg hunt.  Instead of looking for eggs you were looking for bags with coins in them.  2011 Masters intro with video from 2009

On Monday following the Competition the winds were light so Bob and I decided to meet some longtime friends and ski with them.  Dick and Arleen Ward from Chicago were some of my best students.  I meet them in 1985 when they drove their motorhome past Roosevelt County Park with their windsurfers on top.  I saw the windsurfers and waved to them.  They turned around and within a half an hour I was giving them advanced lessons.  They continued to come to Fond du Lac for lessons, even meeting me in the Gorge one year to do a clinic I was helping Mistral run.  They retired in the late 90’s and moved to Corpus Christie to Windsurf.  In the winter they move to their mountain home to ski. It is very inspiring to see a couple in their 80’s who still ski and windsurf. I was very happy to catch-up with them.


Kevin & Bob at Snowmass

On Tuesday the winds were back so we traveled to Strawberry Reservoir, Bob’s favorite place and we put some major miles on.  The terrain was beautiful with rolling hills a flat lake and several different sized half pipes, remains from an old railroad.  All in all I had a great trip, many thanks for Bob putting me up and putting up with a rookie.  I will be back next year!

Stay Tuned for our next travels or event.  Please leave comments and check out our new YouTube channel.

2 comments to Wind Power’s Utah Snow Kite Masters Summary

  • Sounds like a good time. Riding in the hills would be awesome. We don’t get to do that around here. Not to mention all the great riders. You can definitely learn alot from guys that are riding at that level.

  • Admin

    Thanks Jason, Looking forward to going back next year for a longer period of time. Hopefully you and others can come out and join us. Yahoo!