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Having Fun at the Snow and Ice Worlds

I am meeting many, very nice sailors from other countries.  It is fun communicating with them and learning what they do in their countries.  Learning what equipment they use what the conditions are and how popular Winter sailing and kiting is in Europe.  There are Russians, Swedes, Finlanders, Latvia and many from Canada here competing.

Yesterday there was windsurf and kitewing racing in the morning, I believe 4 races.  In the afternoon they had 4 Kite races.  The wind was good yesterday I would say 20 mph tapering down as the day wore on.  I was on a 10.5 Kite.  There is a mix of foil and inflatable kites as well as skis and snowboards.  More foils and than skis.   The fast people have very long skis 238cm and very long snowboards.  The first place boarder is on an inflatable kite.

I have meet the Hiberna Ice Board builder (Richard) and a very good Hiberna rider Janis.  I am learning a lot from them about the tuning and sailing the boards.  I will try to get pictures of them.  I am excited to start a racing circuit for those types of iceboards.

Well it is time to go race,  More to come later.

Kevin USA 8


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