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kitesurf events

Wind Power strives to promote our sports beyond the usual of providing lessons and equipment by supporting, sponsoring & organizing Events. One of the beauties of our sports is the vast majority of the participants are very cool and enjoy meeting and welcoming others to the sport.

An Event and/or competition is a great way to connect with others in the sport. You can share knowledge such as other places where the sport is happening, tips on how to improve and where the next event is. Wind Power encourages everyone at all levels to attend events. It’s like taking a free, fun lesson for you always leave an event with more knowledge or better skills than when you got there.

Wind Power is currently working on having more kiting events. We need the kiters input and interest. So don’t be shy let us know your desires in regards to kiting events. Currently Wind Power has been supporting the Sturgeon Stampede Kiting event. If there is enough interest we would form new Kiting events in the summer as well as winter. We need your input and commitment (send your comments)!

How about a Lake Winnebago Kite crossing?

Notice of Event

2011 Sturgeon Stampede Feb. 11th, 12th & 13th This is an annual event, it includes course racing, long distance and high jump. See the Notice of Event Flyer and the Winnebago Association of Kiteboarding web ( site for more information.