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Frequently Asked Questions ?

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General Wind Power FAQs below or for sport specific FAQs:

  1. What are your Store Hours?
    Our Philosophy is when the conditions are good GET OUT ON THE WATER, enjoy your water sports. So with that in mind when it’s windy, we at Wind Power try our best to get on the water. We don’t chase our customers away or close the door in their face; we try our best to get them out in the water with us to have fun. You only have one life so get the most out of it! We don’t really have fixed store hours, it’s best to call or e-mail ahead and make an appointment if you are traveling to get here. Kevin lives at the shop because it’s on the water. We are not just a store selling equipment. We are using and testing the equipment, teaching lessons and living the life of our great water sports.
  2. How warm is the water?
    Lake Winnebago is a large shallow Lake. The south 1/3 of the lake is 10 ft. deep so the water warms up really fast. Typically by May 1st people are swimming of the beach across from the shop.
  3. How long has Wind Power been in business?
    Kevin became a Windsurfing Instructor in the spring of 1983. In 1985 he started Wind Power teaching lessons on several central Wisconsin lakes. In 1986 he was fortunate and bought the existing property across from Roosevelt County Park in Fond du Lac County.
  4. Where is Wind Power located?
    Wind Power is located on the southeast corner of Lake Winnebago (one of the best sailing lakes in the mid-west). Click for our Map &Directions.