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Kids - Frequently Asked Questions ?

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  1. Is there equipment for kids to Windsurf?
    Yes, there is equipment specially designed for kids to windsurf on. The most important piece is the rig (sail, mast and boom). Kids need a sail small enough for them to lift easily and control in the wind. There are booms where the diameter of the grip fits their small hands and the weight is proportionate. The masts are smaller in diameter and lighter also. Sail sizes go from 1.7 to 4.5 for kids to handle easily and have fun.
  2. What ages can learn?
    5 to 6 year olds can easily learn if they put their minds to it and are having fun learning. If they want to and can concentrate they will learn.
  3. What do the kids need to bring?
    They should bring; water shoes, life jacket, sunscreen, towel and dry clothes. They can also bring something to take notes with and of course a friend!
  4. Can they bring a friend?
    Absolutely! A friend always increases the fun factor. They will need someone to talk to so they can vent all the fun they just had. When I learned to sail, my non windsurfing co-workers got sick of my enthusiasm talking about how much fun I had sailing
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