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Kitesurf - Frequently Asked Questions ?

  1. How difficult is it to learn Kitesurfing?
    If you can walk you can kite! Learning to Kitesurf is not difficult to learn at all if done as the suggested on our Blog and lesson page. It becomes very difficult and dangerous when trying to teach yourself.
  2. Is Kitesurfing safe? Why is it called an extreme sport?
    Kitesurfing is safe when you use your head and follow safe kiting practices. It is very important to take lessons to learn about the dangers and how to avoid them. You also want to learn how to use your safety features built on your kite and practice using them. Test the safety systems every time before you ride. Kiting is called an extreme sport because of the air you can get while jumping and the level of tricks you can also do.
  3. How long does it take to Learn?
    In the winter on the ice and snow you can learn in 2 to 3 hours. In the summer the soft water makes learning more difficult. It can take 2 to 3 days before you catch a ride. See our Blog and lesson page for more details.
  4. How much will it cost to learn to Kitesurf?
    Learning to Kitesurf can cost as little as $100 to $150 in the winter and $300 to $600 or more in the summer on soft water. Lessons include use of the equipment needed and the cost of using a jet-ski in the summer.
  5. What gear do I need to Kitesurf?
    Required Equipment:
    1. Kite, 12 to 16 meter typically in this area.
    2. Kite Board, larger board for beginning and later for using in light winds.
    3. Harness, a must to take the pressure off your arms and it’s needed to work the depower system.

    Optional Equipment:
    • Reel Leash, keeps the board attached to you when you fall and loose the board.
    • Booties, to protect your feet from Zebra Mussels and rocks.
    • Wetsuit or Drysuit, if you want to extend your season. Kiting you tend to spend more time in the water or at least wet compared to Windsurfing so you will tend to wear a suit more when kiting.
    See our online shop for both new & used equipment.
  6. What should I wear when I learn to Kitesurf?
    You should wear life jacket, booties and the appropriate wetsuit for the conditions.
  7. I don’t have $1500, how can I get into this sport?
    You can buy good used equipment. Try before you buy.
    See our shop for new gear and used gear.
  8. What type of Kite & Board should I learn on?
    After teaching Kiting for over 12 years Wind Power is not a fan of the 2-line trainer kites. We would rather you come for lessons with a real 4-line kite that has depower. A 2-line kite teaches you to pull harder (because there is NO Depower) to control the kite where a 4 line you have to do the opposite. We find those who have flown trainers struggle with the depower reaction. It's better to save one's money and take a lesson then buy a real 4-line kite. As for boards, the big twin tips are easiest to learn on. Wind Power has the best learning equipment on the market.
  9. I’m a Windsurfer, how hard is it to learn to Kitesurf?
    If you can Windsurf you can Kitesurf! A windsurfer or sailor has an advantage because they understand the wind and the angles you ride to the wind. Many of the techniques are similar which makes learning a bit easier.