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Open Bic Sailboat - Frequently Asked Questions ?

faq open-bic kids sailboat questions faq open-bic kids sailboat questions faq open-bic kids sailboat questions
  1. What ages can learn?
    8 years old is an average age, but if the child can concentrate and has the desire they can easily learn at six or younger. We have an excellent lesson program for kids and we make sure lessons are safe and fun!
  2. Can 2 people sail in the boat?
    Yes, In the Fond du Lac Youth Sailing program we frequently put to kids in an Open Bic together. The boat is still stable with 2 kids onboard providing that their total weight does not exceed 90 kg.
  3. Is the O’pen Bic stable?
    Yes, the "chine bilge" of the O’pen Bic hull design gives the boat a very stable platform for sailing. On the water, the boat heels in the wind until it balances on its bilge remaining stable and easy to sail.
  4. Is the O’pen Bic fragile?
    No, the O’pen Bic is manufactured in thermoformed polyethylene, a material that is very resistant to impact shocks and abrasion. Bic Sport has been building products in this material for over 30 years, and some of these products are still being used on the water! Also of note is that contrary to products built in polyester, polyethylene is a material that is 100% recyclable. The O’pen Bic is built with the philosophy of sustainable development.
  5. Can an adult sail in the O’pen Bic ?
    Yes, as long as he weighs less than 200lbs (the ideal sailor weight for the O’pen Bic is 150lbs).
  6. Is it easy to right the boat after capsize?
    Yes, the cockpit of the O’pen Bic is 100% self draining, meaning that there is never any water in the bottom of the boat either during sailing or after capsize. Furthermore, with its light weight and stable "chine bilge" design, even when the sailor is in the water the hull turns immediately into the wind, re-rights easily and provides a stable platform for getting back into the boat. Getting back in is easy via the stern of the boat which is completely open (hence the name O’pen Bic).
  7. Is the O’pen Bic easy to rig ?
    Yes, there are no shackles or complicated rigging systems on the O’pen Bic. The O’pen Bic can be rigged and on the water in less than 2 minutes! With the boom already attached to the sail, you simply slide the mast up the luff pocket of the sail, attach the rig to the hull with the two snap hooks at the main sheet and Cunningham, tension the Cunningham with the pull handle and go!
  8. Where can I find additional Product information and specifications?
    You can find more information at our online Shop. If you are interested in buying or wish to demo a boat, please contact Wind Power. We have new & used boats depending on your use & budget.

    You can also find more info at the Official O’pen Bic site.
  9. What is an Un-Regatta?
    O’pen Bic started FUN regattas for kids and they are held all over the U.S. & World. Wind Power held an Un-Regatta last year and you can watch the video here. It was a big success and there are more events state-wide for 2010. See our Events page for Open Bic or contact Wind Power for more information.