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Stand Up Paddle Surf (SUP) - Frequently Asked Questions ?

  1. How hard is it to SUP?
    It’s lots of fun, it’s a good work out as well as an exercise to strengthen your core, and it greatly improves your balance!
  2. How hard is it to SUP?
    It’s not hard at all. If you are unsure of yourself wait for the ideal learning conditions (flat water, no wind) get a board and paddle, and give it a try. If you are shaky, stay kneeling and do it till you and more comfortable and then try standing up.
  3. Where can I SUP?
    You can SUP on any body of water, creeks, channels, small lakes, large lakes, oceans. You can SUP on flat water, or if you want to challenge yourself add some chop. You can SUP in waves or surf on the oceans or great lakes.
  4. What are the best conditions for SUP?
    Depends on your ability. If you are a beginner or working on balance, pick conditions when the water is flat, less wind. If you want a challenge go out in the chop or waves. You can easily catch a wave and surf.
  5. What equipment is nessesary to SUP?
    You need a board and a paddle. A big windsurfing board will work in flat water and chop, the race longboards are also great for cruising fast. Designated SUP boards work the best in waves. A paddle leash is a good idea in waves or challenging conditions. Check out our SUP section of our online Shop.