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Windsurf - Frequently Asked Questions ?

  1. How hard is it to learn Windsurfing?
    Windsurfing is easier than ever to learn. With the development of wider boards (more stable) it has shortened the learning curve significantly. Also the sails are smaller and lighter for beginners. So it requires less balance and strength than it did years ago. If you tried windsurfing years ago you owe it to yourself to try it again on the modern equipment with lessons of course.
  2. Do you need a lot of upper body strength to Windsurf?
    No you don’t. Windsurfing is many different balances, you just need to learn how to balance your body weight against the sail. Lessons are very important. What you lack in technique you will need in strength. As in most sports technique is everything.
  3. How long does it take to Learn?
    A beginner lesson is 2 to 3 hours. That will get you windsurfing in 5 to 10 mph winds. With more practice and lessons you can advanced rapidly to using a harness, sailing in higher winds (15 to 20 mph) and getting in the footstraps.
  4. What ages can learn?
    I have seen 5 year olds up to people in their 80’s blasting around on their windsurfers. Florida and Texas has the largest population of senior citizen windsurfers, just having a blast when it’s warm and windy.
  5. How much will it cost to learn to Windsurf?
    It should cost between $80 and $120 to learn how to windsurf. Then you need to practice and you can typically rent equipment to hone your skills. After a little practice, advanced lessons are highly recommended to progress quickly to the higher levels or winds in our great sport. Lessons are your best investment in our sport. Group Advanced Lessons are your best bang for the buck after beginner lessons. See web site
  6. What should I wear when I learn to Windsurf?
    If you are sailing in Lake Winnebago or any other lake that has zebra muscles, you definitely want a good pair of booties to avoid the shells from cutting your feet. Booties that stay on your feet when swimming. Check our on line shop for booties. When the water or air temp is cold or chilly a wetsuit will increase the fun factor and keep you from getting Hypothermia. There are differences in wetsuits and drysuits, contact Wind Power for more information or look at the wetsuit links provided on this site.
  7. Do I need to be a good swimmer to Windsurf?
    No you don’t have to be a good swimmer, but you should be comfortable in the water. We teach you how to hang on to your equipment if you fall. That way you do not loose the board which is your primary floatation device. You always want to stay with your board.
  8. Should I buy a cheap windsurfer from a garage sale?
    Some times a windsurfer from a garage sale or internet sale is a great deal. Many times the equipment is obsolete or not designed for the level of windsurfing that you are currently at. A board that is too small can make progressing really difficult and many times that is why it’s for sale and not being used. If you find something and have questions about it don’t be afraid to call us for our honest opinion.
  9. What is the time commitment to reach a comfortable level when Windsurfing?
    The beginner lessons will take 2-3 hours, then you need to practice and the sooner the better, for you need to build muscle memory. Remember what you do instinctively to windsurf is usually wrong that is what it’s difficult to learn and lessons are so important. If you join our Wed, night program and you sail one other day during the week you will progress to using a harness and possible get in the foostraps and plane before fall arrives
  10. I used to Windsurfing and never got to the level I wanted, what should I do with my old equipment?
    If you stop windsurfing because you were not progressing to the level you wanted to or having FUN, you owe it to yourself to come and take a lesson. Bring your old equipment and we will make sure you are setting it up right and that it fits you and your level. Give it one more try with our assistance, for it is a great fun sport or we wouldn’t be doing it for over 25 years. It’s still Fun and challenging! If that doesn’t work we will help you get rid of your old equipment.