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Popular Launch Sites near Wind Power

Lake Winnebago is a great lake for Windsurf & Kitesurf and many other activities. It is large and shallow and has good launch sites for different wind & water conditions. Lake Michigan has some good sailing when the conditions prevail.

If you have a good launch spot that is open to the public and you want to add it to our map, please send us the Google Earth .kmz file or the Latitude/Longitude coordinates along with a description noting any special features or watch-outs for new sailors.

Below is a Google Map showing select launch sites. If you are a Google Earth user, you can download the .kmz Locations file for these spots.

Launch Sites

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  1. Wind Power Windsurfing & Kiting Center - zoom map

    This is Wind Power’s Shop. It is directly across from Roosevelt Park. The 'A' marker may be underneath the 'B' mark at higher zoom levels. If you zoom in, you will see the 'A' marker.

  2. Roosevelt Park / Wind Power Launch - zoom map

    This is by far the most popular windsurfing site on Lake Winnebago. Roosevelt Park includes a large grassy rigging area, restrooms (open all year round), picnic tables, grills and abundant parking close to the launch. The lake is shallow and sandy for first 100 yards. Shortboard on southwest through northeast winds. Southwest crab to wind line to great slalom sailing. West to northwest gives port ramps. North to northeast gives yields port and starboard ramps and onshore waves.

  3. Dead Wood Point Beach - zoom map

    The South end of Lake Winnebago is blessed with a new fabulous beach thanks to the Town Of Taycheedah. The New beach is on Dead Wood Point which is approx. 3 miles up the east shore of the lake. It's the point you see when you look to the Northeast from Roosevelt County Park. It has a grass rigging area and a sand beach so it's great for launching a kite or windsurfing. It's shallow for a few hundred yards or more so a great place to learn and improve skills whether kiting or shortboarding. This launch is great on South, West, North to Northeast winds and being a point it gets great wind.

  4. Fisherman’s road - zoom map

    This local boat launch has a small grassy rigging area on north side of parking lot and porta-potties. This launch is supported by local fisherman, so please show your respect. Shortboard south through north winds. South winds produce a tricky wind shadow. South through west yield good port ramps, while north through northeast produce starboard ramps. Sail with a Friend!

  5. Columbia Park - zoom map

    Columbia park features large grassy rigging area, restrooms, picnic tables and grills. Plenty of parking close to the water. Also, camping, lookout tower and boat launch. Shortboard on southwest through north winds. Southwest and north winds produce a tricky wind shadow between shore and wind line. Good ramps all wind directions. Advise Sailing with a Friend.

  6. The Wayside - zoom map

    The U.S. Hwy 45 Wayside features grassy rigging, restrooms and parking on the water. Easy launch with very shallow bottom first 100 yards. Don't bust up that new fin, be careful. Shortboard on south, southeast and east winds. Good slalom conditions with small chop and waves. Big east wind days can produce good wave and ramps.

  7. High Cliff State Park - zoom map

    High Cliff is one of the best launches on North end of Lake Winnebago. Nice rigging area, plenty of parking but a park permit or day-pass is required for park entry. Good on South through West winds.