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Summer fun is here!

The water is warming up! Lessons programs are starting! (more info) Sign-up for a lesson program today and start having fun on the water. In our current economic times and with going Green becoming more popular and important, why not learn to harness the wind for your pleasure. It’s a free natural resource! You should have also received the Wind Power Equipment Info and Pricing (.pdf) as an attachment with this e-mail (view online .pdf)

O’pen Bic Kids Sailboat Update

Wind Power has been teaching 6th graders from Winneconne how to sail the O’pen Bic kids sailboat. It’s the first time Wind Power has worked with a school teaching a Phy-Ed class. We are excited to do more programs with schools in the future for it has been a huge success with the kids having a blast sailing the O’pen Bics. They have also been learning the skills of reading the wind, water safety and sailing knots.

Wind Power and Steve Eliasen also participated with the ALPs Charter School in Oshkosh, WI, which culminated with an event at Menominee Beach on Lake Winnebago. There were about 60 kids from grades 3 to 8. The students have been in one-a-week sessions since March where we've looked at the world of ideas and design through the lens of sailing. After reviewing aviation, architecture, social/art movements, we turned to sailing--monos, cats, trimarans, hydrofoils, windsurfing, Volvo Ocean Race, etc. Teams of 2-4 then build their own rigs ($10/person) with ’Home Depot’ stuff. This was all brought to a real test with our regatta. We taught the kids basic sailing at first with factory rigs, then had a series of competitions with the home-built rigs. See the images below. (more info on O’pen Bic)
Also, Watch the O’pen Bic YouTube videos at

Ladies Night Lessons

Monday is Ladies night and we have a good group of women already signed-up. If you have been sitting on the beach watching your significant other sail, why not join the fun? Some women are not real comfortable with the water. Kevin will work with you, talking over your fears or concerns, sailing with you and just increasing your confidence level one step at a time. We will get you using the harness and then in the footstraps, until you are ripping it up! more info

KIDS Lessons Programs

Wed. we have 2 kids lesson programs, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Windsurfing seems to be a cool thing to do, for last year we were booked up. There definitely has been a big increase in popularity with the youth. And the new smaller and lighter youth equipment has made learning for them more fun than work. more info

Wednesday Night Lessons

Wed. night is our group advanced lesson program. Learn how tack faster, jibe faster and not get wet doing it. Beach starts are taught as a progression to water starts. Want to go fast and far, learn to use the harness and footstraps. Video critiquing is part of this program. more info

Demo & Equipment News

Stop over and demo the new O’pen Bic kids sailboat. These are the latest boats for kids to enjoy and learn sailing. They look cool, and are fast and safe. If one would capsize you can tip the boat back up easily and all the water drains, just climb back on and sail away. Our experience with the kids are they like to tip over just for the excitement of it! Wind Power is dedicated to developing and supporting fleets around the Fox Valley. Eventually we would like to conduct O’pen Bic events that would included Racing and Freestyle sailing. We have a complete assortment of new and used gear for Windsurfing and Kiting. If we don’t have what you need we can get it in a few days. We sell our latest and greatest school gear at the end of each summer. If you are looking for a good deal on a Mistral Prodigy (Wind Power’s best selling board since 2002) or any of the other great school boards or rigs, put a down payment on one today. This will ensure you get it at the end of our 2009 school season. The last 2 Sat. we have been blessed with good wind for Kiting and Windsurfing. See the latest Equipment & Pricing.

Saturday Fun Sailing

Keep your Saturday afternoons free for fun sailing with others. Wind Power will setup a few buoys and conduct a few mini races most Saturdays from noon to 2pm. Anyone with type of sailing apparatus is welcome. Kevin will coach you around the courses. Basically it’s like having a free lesson!

I-20 Sailboat Racing

Kevin joined his brother Andy racing I-20 sailboats on Tues. evenings with the daysailor fleet from the Fond du Lac Sailing Club ( . The I-20 is a 2 person 20ft. scow. It’s a one-design class with a good following in Fond du Lac, the Fox Valley and Madison. Their web site is: Andy was one of the founders of the Fond du Lac fleet. He wanted a boat that his wife Ann could easily race with him. The asymmetrical spinnaker allows the forward sailor to stay in the boat when jibing, so that was a big plus. Kevin eventually bought an I-20 to join the racing fun. His nephew Blaise (Andy and Ann’s son) has been his crew for the past 4 years. Blaise also helps Kevin at Wind Power in his free time. The pictures are from the Fond du Lac Lighthouse Regatta 3 weekends ago in rainy cool conditions. The Grattons enjoy any kind of Wind Powered Sports! It’s all good for the soul.