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Happy Holidays!

Team Wind Power wishes you and those dear to you a wonderful Holiday Season.

We welcome you, your family and friends to watch and participate in Winter Sailing and Kiting. Winter is a blast and a great way to make your great sports year round. The most important thing is to dress appropriately. Insulated shoes or boots, layered clothing and a good helmet. Wind Power has been enjoying the Winter Winds since 1984. It’s a great way to extend the use of your equipment.

We had a great season this summer, teaching kids to sail the Open Bic youth sailboat, Kids Windsurfing, many family and adult Windsurfing Lessons, as well as many Kiting lessons both on ice and soft water.

Treat yourself and your family to some great Holiday Fun. Contact Wind Power today to get on their Action call list.

You should have also received the Wind Power Holiday Closeouts (.pdf) as an attachment with this e-mail. (view online .pdf)

Have a great Christmas and Holiday Season!

Winter Sailing with Wind Power

freeskate & winterboard video     See the new Winterboard & Freeskate Video by Kevin

Winter is Here! The south end of Lake Winnebago iced over Dec. 1st. As we close out 2010 I hope everyone starts out the New Year with a fresh blast of wind to play with. I’m excited to get out on the ice and snow to play with the Kites and Winter Windsurfing toys as last year I was down, recovering from shoulder surgery. Call for a Wind and Ice report and then come out and join us. If you never used the winter winds please stop in and check out all the fun we have. Whether you kite or windsurf, winter is a great time to learn and improve quickly and make these great sports year round fun.

On Dec.7 we had 4 5 of ice on the south end of Lake Winnebago. Ed Schneider and Bruce Jondle joined me at Wendt’s Supper Club on the west side of the lake between Oshkosh and Fond du Lac on Sunday for some Ice Sailing (some images included below, all images in the Gallery). The forecast looks positive for great ice conditions for the next week. We plan to do most of our sailing at Wendt’s for the next week or so. The ice is a little rough in front of the shop (Roosevelt County Park) for Freeskates but is fine for Winterboards. With a little warm weather and sun this should smooth the ice out just fine in the next few weeks (see images below).

The weekend of Dec 12 – 13 was the big blizzard. It blew so hard from the north all the snow was blown off the lake. The high winds opened Lake Winnebago on the north end. The storm ruined the existing ice by placing a layer of slush on top of the ice which is now frozen. So the original ice is now pretty rough and not good for sailing or kiting till it melts a little or we get enough snow to cover it. But we do have great ice on the north end of the lake now.

This weekend (12/18 & 12/19) Wind Power plans to head to the north end of Lake Winnebago to join enjoy the smooth ice with Freeskates and the Winterboard. There is also a DN Iceboat Regatta in the planning. So please come and join us and at least watch all the action. Dress warm, good shoes or boots, good head gear, jacket and mittens and you will be toasty.

We will have some equipment to use. If you can bring a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Hockey breesers and you can push your limits. If you have a windsurfing rig, bring it, for we have an Iceboard for you to try. The least you can do is come and check out the Winter Action, dress appropriate and get some fresh winter air in you lungs. Ditch the TV and Computer for some Fun! Questions please call us at Wind Power, 920-922-2550 or Kevins cell 920-251-1002.

Get your Equipment out and ready

It’s time to get the winter sailing and kiting equipment out and polished up. Wind Power is looking forward towards fun on the frozen lake. The stability of the frozen lake makes learning and progressing at all levels of windsurfing the easiest. Of course, protective gear is required! A helmet, knee pads and elbow pads at the very least. Some people even wear hockey pads. Contrary to what you may think the winter is not hard on your equipment, if you use a little common sense. Stay away from protrusions in the ice; find smooth ice for the most fun. Dropping your rig and having the booms slide on rough ice can be hard on the grip. Use an old pair of booms or put a covering on your booms. Personally I stay away from rough ice. I use my best sails because I need the performance they have with the speeds I can reach. I have been sailing in the winter since 1984 and I have yet to damage a sail or break a mast.

Here is a list of what you can learn easier in the winter/frozen lake, than on the lake in the summer. Let’s start with just learning how to handle the sail and then how to tune the sail. Many sailors just rig the sail, head out and sail the rest of the day without ever adjusting the downhaul, outhaul, or harness lines. On the ice/snow it is so easy to stop and adjust your sail settings and then go for a run and see the difference. The speeds you can reach in the winter amplify the changes in the rigs adjustment. Learning the harness technique, going fast, and getting in the footstraps. This can be learned and enjoyed on the winter board, ice board and snowfer. Learning how to do a planning jibe can be easily learned on a freeskate, along with freestyle and many tricks. See the Freeskate & Winterboard Video on the blog.

If you own a Freeskate please let us know, so we can put you on our contact list. Well teach you how to ride it better (monkey jibe) and have more fun on it. See our contact page and send us a note.

Check out the Blog for great pictures and information!

Make sure you check out Wind Power’s Blog, we have a summary of last fall’s Wind Power Champs. Watch the videos of sailing on the ice and winter kiting, comments are more than welcome! You can subscribe to the RSS feed to stay up-to-date with latest news from Wind Power.

Don’t forget about Kiting! As I have explained in a few Blog articles (scroll down a bit as the new video is on top, lots of good articles by Kevin), kiting can be learned in 2-3 hours in the winter on skis or snowboard. If you are not proficient on the snowboard, stick to the skis if you want to learn how to kite in 2-3 hours. Learning how to kite and snowboard at the same time is not a good mix. Many future kiters have inquired about our winter lessons. Wind Power is geared to Start Teaching Winter Kiting NOW!

Call or e-mail us to get on our e-Flyer list for ice conditions and where we will be kiting or sailing. Wind Power provides all the equipment for lessons and we do sell all the necessary equipment for kiting!

WAK (Winnebago Association of Kiteboarding, ) will be hosting a Winter Kiting Event, the Annual Sturgeon Stampede on Feb. 11 - 13, 2010. It will include course racing, high jump and more. Windsurfing will also take place with Wind Power being one of the event sponsors. See the Gallery for last years action!

Check out the Improved Gallery!

This fall after the Wind Power Champs, the Gallery ( was updated with a Full Screen slide show and a way for customers to Upload pictures of their own on our Gallery. Wind Power lives a Wind Driven lifestyle with our friends and customers which we display through the Gallery. The gallery is easy to navigate through with the search and sort options and use of categories and tags. See the Upload Category for pictures from fellow sailors/kiters. Use the Upload Link on the lower left sidebar menu and follow the simple instructions. You will need to have an account at the Gallery to upload images and registration is easy. Upload 5 good action shots of you or your friends sailing or kiting and receive a free Wind Power logo sticker!

The Road is Open, Finally!

The Winnebago Dr. DOT improvement project is completed. A beautiful job but it took all summer. The mess is over. Roosevelt County Park (across the street from the shop) has an improved parking lot and a storm water settling pond on the east end for you to play in. With the 151 bypass and the new Winnebago Dr., getting to Wind Power (Roosevelt County Park) doesn’t get any better and it’s much faster, but please watch your speed. Here is Link to updated Map page.

Need a Gift for a windsurfer or Kiter? Need Equipment?

With the Holidays right around the corner Wind Power wishes all of you a Merry snow filled Christmas and wind for your Happy Holidays. Looking for a Holiday gift? Check out Wind Power, we have Gift Certificates available.

We also have or can get all the equipment you need for sailing or kiting on the ice or snow.

Wind Power’s Online Store is constantly being updated with more new and used equipment. We are still in the process of getting everything online, so please bear with us. If you don’t see what you need please call because we probably have it but not online yet.

Call Kevin with questions or further discussion in regards to finding the right gift.

Wind Power made a score on Winterboards!

Thanks to a good lead from friends of Wind Power, six Winterboards were found in New York. Wind Power has 4 left. The Winterboard is the All-Around Winter Sailing Machine. (see below) It works great on Ice or Snow. The easiest to learn on and has great speed if you desire. It’s great to use for long trips all over the lake. They were made in Sweden in the mid-eighties and never really caught on because of a few design problems which caused unexpected spinouts . Kevin added flattened the skis and added runners like those on an iceboat and voila they work excellent. They are fast, stabile and go over anything. If you never Windsurfed before these are the easiest to learn on. 10x easier than soft water! Think about it, No Uphauling, No Climbing on Board, loose your balance just put your foot down. No Excuses!

See at the Wind Power Shop here

The Winterboard, available at Wind Power Shop online