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The Stampede E-Flyer

Feb. 11th – 13th, 2011   (map)

Join the Sturgeon Stampede!

Lake Winnebago has turned into a winter play ground again.  Many sports take place on the lake in the winter.  Kiting, Ice Windsurfing, Ice Boating, Snowmobiling, Ice Bikes, 4-Wheeling, Cross-country Skiing, Ice Skating and of course Ice Fishing.  Those are just a few of the many activities enjoyed in the Winter on the frozen Lake.  Airplanes touch down, people drive their vehicles on the lake, it’s like another city out there in the Winter Wonderland.

There is a very busy time on the lake when Sturgeon Spearing takes place.  There can be 10,000 shanties out there with someone in them trying their luck at capturing a Sturgeon.  Sturgeon Spearing usually starts the second weekend of February and runs until the harvest quota of sturgeons are meet which usually takes about a week.

What a great time for a PARTY!  Voila! The Sturgeon Stampede.   Dan Deuster and Ed Schneider started it over 20 years ago. It has transformed over the years and now it’s a Kiting Event with WAK (Winnebago Association of Kiteboarders) running it.  It also has other entities such as Windsurfing on the ice/snow, Ice skating, Ice bowling and of course food and beer.  Saturday evening is the time to light the bonfire.  So come and watch or better yet participate! See MAP to event below

The Kiting Event will kick off Friday with the courses and jumping ramps being setup and tested vigorously.  Beer and Food follows.  Saturday morning registration takes place until 11:00 am followed by an 11:30 riders meeting to discuss the events and their format.  Possible Events include Lake Crossing, GPS Speed Drags, Kitercross (obstacle course), and the Big Air Contest.  Beverages and warm food will be available. At dusk the bonfire will be lit with the awards to follow.  Sunday is a funday with more fun racing.  It is also the back-up day for lack of wind or good conditions.  As of this writing the conditions on the lake are excellent for the event. 

Pre-Registration Form:

MAP to Event at Fisherman's Road Landing

Hwy 151 from Hwy 41 interchange to Fisherman's Road is about 11.5 miles (shown purple)
Click Map for Link to Google Maps page for directions and map features

Images from the 2010 Sturgeon Stampede

Call Wind Power Windsurfing & Kiting Center for
Winter Lessons at 920-922-2550

freeskate & winterboard video     See the Winterboard & Freeskate Video by Kevin

Kevin has had the busiest winter yet teaching Winter-boarding(Windsurfing on the ice/snow) and Kiting.  Winter is the easiest time to learn both sports, especially Kiting.  You can learn to kite in 2 – 3 hours in the winter versus 2 – 3 days in the summer. It takes much more power generated from the kite to get moving on soft water.  If you kite about 10 times in the winter your skills should be at a much better level to learn the soft water kiting easily. If fact you should be able to get rides on soft water the first day you try after kiting in the winter.

So sign up soon so you can get your ten times out with a kite in the winter before it thaws.  Wind Power currently has a waiting list so get on the list ASAP.  The lake has over 2 feet of ice.  The snow conditions are currently excellent now for both skis and snowboards.

Everyone asks....

"How can Winter Kiting & Sailing be Safe with a Frozen Lake?"

Winter Sailing is as safe as 'soft' water sailing......

Safety is always paramount, but winter sailing provides excellent learning opportunities that water lessons just can't! However, you must wear a helmet and additional padding in the winter to help protect yourself. Kevin has written a great article on Winter Safety and Padding on the blog. Winter sailing will make you a better sailor and extends the use of your equipment including your quiver of sails and kites.