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Year: 2018 / Size: 8.2 / Status: Used
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Aerotech Kona 8.2 Complete Sail Rig The Kona-One racing class has a unique rig developed to balance sailor weights to sail sizing. This sail size limit for weight of users levels the playing field among competitors. Features of Sail ONE Design Sails All Kona rigs are tailor made to cater for specific body weights. Light weight Monofilm, XPlycombination sails with Dacron patches in stress areas. All supplied with the Kona insignia and graphics. Masts, booms and extensions are of superior quality and carefully tuned to fit the sail sizes. Features of Mast 75% Carbon SDM masts are included with the 6.6 - 9.0 rigs. Bending characteristics and stiffness of the Kona masts are carefully tuned to match the luff curves of the Kona sail range for maximum performance. This mast is top quality pre-preg carbon fiber, and electronically tested before shipment. Features of Boom Oversized with its widest point at the center, the US Kona rigs come with an Epic AL Monocouque boom. Is offers comfort, performance and durability within a T8 alu body and tail extension! 28 mm grip diameter on 160 and 200 size booms. 160-220 size included with 6.6 and 7.4 rigs, 220-200 included with the 8.2 and 9.0 rigs. The monocoque (one piece) profile provides extraordinary stiffness and strength. The double pin lock system generates optimal load distribution and a stiff connection between the boom body and tail end, even when extended to the maximum. The robust front incorporates an anti-friction lever and an integrated mast shim. Base Extension and base Epic Standard diameter 30cm adjustable extensions feature; US base system, Pin and collar adjustment system for reliability, 1-bolt US Tendon base included.Concept: Long board race. The Kona is a no-cam power slalom sail. It is your best choice for a sail designed specifically for cruising on longboards or big freeride stuff. With its tight leech and fuller shape, this model allows the rider to be powered up on a smaller sail. The reduced luff curve allows for hassle-free rigging. With its unique design, it can be tuned for non-planing conditions with a tight leech or pretty floppy for the overpowering stuff. Nice and bright for the maximum #39;wow#39;! The Kona is the choice for the Kona One one-design class. Construction: 100% monofilm This rig package comes complete with 8.2 sail, 75% carbon mast, Kona boom, uphaul, outhaul, base and extension. This sail rig was featured in the 2018 Kona Worlds, it was brand new at the start of the event and was only used a few times. This sail rig is in prime condition and is practically brand new! Model: Kona Rig Package Size: 8.2 Luff: 500 Boom: 222 Battens: 6 Pkg Mast: Epic 75 490 SDM Pkg Boom: Epic 29M 200-260
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