Atan Madi Split-Toe Warm Water Shoe Booties

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ATAN boots, for that 'barefoot' feeling !!!

Many of you will know that ATAN have for many years made the most flexible and warmest boot available in the market, particularily distinguished from the competition by their incredible  "Barefoot feeling" sole. This "Barefoot feeling" is achieved by using a natural latex dip process which is unique to ATAN.

These boots are light, flexible, comfortable, warm, durable, very supple and competitively priced

MADI - Summer split Toe boot/shoe

Boot for Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Surfing and all kinds of Watersports.


  • Natural Latex Dipped Neoprene Blind stitched 3mm
  • Supple latex sole w/draw string
  • Supplied with UV protection bag

If you buy a pair, here are a few tips. Rub the soles lightly over the pavement before your first sail, as the protective storage coating can make them slippery. When you finish sailing, rinse them out and turn them inside out to dry and then turn them the right way when dry..and DO NOT leave them in the sun as the Latex will turn to goo.

EURO            ATAN            US
SHOE            BOOT          MEN

30 - 31           T 04

32 - 33           T 03

34 - 35           T 00                2 - 3

36 – 37             T 0                 4 – 4.5

38 - 39            T 1               5 – 6.5

40 - 41            T 2                7 – 7.5

42 – 43            T 3                8 – 9

44 – 45               T 4              10 – 11

46 - 47             T 5              11.5 – 12.5

48 – 49               T 6               13 - 14

50 – 51                T 7                huge!

Aim for a tight fit like climbing shoes for that awesome barefoot feel.

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