Mistral Mast Base Pin 1989+ 8mm threads (base parts)

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Mistral Mast Base Foot Pin 1989+ 8mm The diameter is 13.6cm and the length is 23.7 from the top of the washer This 8mm Base Pin is customized to fit all Mistral Windsurfing Board Mast Tracks after 1989, it is also used for some modern Windsurfing Boards, such as Starboard Boards and Exocet Boards. Can be installed on modern Chinook base, either US Cup or Euro Pin setup. Mistral Washer for Mast Track Car Pin and Chinook Base attachments sold seperately. Products needed to build base: Mistral Washer for Mast Track Car Pin http://www.windpowerwindsurfing.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_90&products_id=4612 Either Chinook Mechanical U-Joint w/Euro-Pin or Chinook Mechanical U-Joint w/US Cup Both parts found in Windsurfing Base Parts relative to stock quantities ***If specific part can't be found, call or email the store*** Check out Wind Power's repair video for 1989+ Mistral Mast Track: https://youtu.be/r7gQcwQJXFA
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