Chinook The Deviator (base parts)

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Chinook The Deviator

The DEVIATOR is the most effective and proven windsurf-board nose guard available on the market today!

The Deviator™ was invented by Roger Jurriens, who started one of the first windsurf rental shops on Aruba in 1987.
As you have heard the saying "necessity is the mother of invention" and again this has been proven.
Being in the rental business Roger got tired of fixing the same boards day after day, while he could be teaching and taking care of the guests with their equipment or just windsurfing with them. So after many very busy days, with still many boards to fix each night, the wheels started turning and out came the idea of placing a triangular component on the nose , but that would surely look odd and still it would get hit with the boom-
head/ mast. So as this triangular component was moved back close enough to the mast-base, it could be made smaller and it wouldn't be in the way. It also took care of the boom-head/ mast hitting the nose of the board, and this is how the Deviator™ came to be the perfect nose protector.

Tips on most effective use of the Deviator:

Use a two-bolt, rubber or urethane joint, do not use a mechanical u-joint.

Don't use a mast base protector pad (padding gets hung up on the roller)

Attention: The Deviator™ might not guard the nose from damages in every crash, but it will 90% of the time. So if it saves your nose once, it's already well worth the investment.

In-correct information about the Deviator™: - If you use it, your mast box will rip out of your board.


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